What is Indian Hair?

Urban, cool, casual are looks with a sharp attitude; this is what Indian Hair is described as. Indian Hair is a timeless staple in the hair industry. Many years ago, Indian Hair was used for top of the line wigs, at concerts & theater.

Indian Hair as the name implies, comes from India, which is located in south Asia in the northern hemisphere of the globe. Now, hair is very abundant there, because it’s the only area where people donate their hair by the millions! The hair is donated to the temple, which have at least 30 years supply of Indian Hair.

Indian Hair is so striking that people across the global are aspiring to wear this hair. Indian Hair is crafted with superb strength and superior quality for a look of sophistication and unparalleled modern finish.

Indian Hair extensions can be worn in any season, by anyone, & worn anywhere? From Vintage Straight, Dynamic Body Wave, Goddess Curls, True Curls, Seductive Waves, & Couture Wavy our fabulous indian hair collections can set the mark on sleek style or making the statement that your hair needs to make.

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