What is 24 Inch Indian Remy Hair?

Experience the sweet feel of 24 Inch Virgin Indian Remy Hair. Smooth richness of head to shoulder length with combine layers, which creates flawless look at a moment’s notice.

Want more layers without cutting into your investment! Install 22 inches of Indian remy hair for its superior feel and quality. This standout hair is an excellent choice for long layers at its best. Crafted from a native Indian person and the finest grade available. It delivers robust wear and a smooth finish. In a league of its own, Vintage Straight received a double platinum medal for customer requests!

This proud, handcrafted, machine weft, double drawn hair that contains 4 ounces of hair per pack, deserves two thumbs up! You experience the highest quality virgin indian remy hair, with many extras. A shout out to the FAB Indian Hair team on customer service, give a-ways, education, and advice.

You can indulge in up to 30 inches of Indian Remy Hair, an irresistible blend from FAB Indian Hair Vintage Straight, Dynamic Body Wave, Goddess Curls, True Curls, Seductive Waves, or Couture Wavy Collections.

You can love the hair that can give you texture, no matter what!