Virgin Indian Hair vs. Processed Hair

As you can see, millions of vendors are selling “human hair”. Determining whether the hair is real or not, that is the tough part. Keep in mind, cheap is not always better! Many clients ask the question everyone always wonders: “What is the difference of Virgin Indian Hair vs. Processed Hair?”

Virgin means that hair is not altered, in any way, or chemically transformed. This hair comes from the scalp (when the hair is shaved with a straight blade), which is the “Best” or top of the line hair. Virgin means the hair is not permed, relaxed, color, dipped in silicone to put high shine and luster on the hair! Virgin Hair is much fuller and very natural, which is easy to blend with your natural hair.

Processed hair is the exact opposite of virgin. Processed hair is usually the unwanted “Bad” left over hair that no one wants. It is usually hair that was shedding from a person when comb out. And in order to bring the hair back to life, the hair goes through vigorous stages with chemical compounds to reverse the style of hair to be silky, attractive, & shiny! This is how the trickery begins. Processed hair also may be mixed with synthetics and may only be partially human if human at all.

Now you can understand the difference between the two. Most of the time customers might think they are getting the best product, as a company may advertise virgin hair. And to make it more attractive to sell you a product so cheap, that you are willing to take a risk in purchasing the product.

Real Virgin Indian Hair is a high commodity, and it does come with a cost! And that is why; it becomes so tricky to know if companies are being honest! Rather than educate the client on the hair, on where the hair really comes from, they rather tell you the hair comes from “Brazil”, “Peru”, or even “Malaysia” so they can sell, sell, sell you this non virgin hair. Making you believe the hair comes from these countries, when actually the hair is the left overs from Indian hair and the hair is processed!

So be careful on where you buy. Always do your research so you can protect yourself on your your next investment! At Fab Indian Hair, we only carry the highest quality Virgin Indian Hair from our direct sources in India. We have controls in place to ensure that every purchase has the highest quality hair, lengths are confirmed and weight is correct. Contact us today for more details at