Virgin Indian Hair in Jacksonville Florida

What is Virgin Indian Hair? This topic starts the conversation for the day. Let’s break it down into small steps of all terms and definitions. Virgin means pure, natural, not changed or altered in anyway shape or form. Indian Hair comes from an Indian person who lives in India. The Indian person’s hair is shaved at the Temple and is later sold to vendors.

On the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida, you can find an incredible hidden gem, where virgin indian hair in jacksonville floridais sold. Having over seven collections and over 21 types to select, Fab Indian Hair has all your hair needs for Virgin Indian Hair covered. All the hair is imported all from India, and is offered with a fabulous cost.

Now when you put the meaning together, it simply says that Virgin Indian Hair is hair that is unprocessed and comes from a living person in India (always an Indian descent). This hair “Indian Hair” is considered to be the best of hair on the market, called Remy Hair.

Remy Hair has taken over the hair industry for a number of years. But Remy Hair has been taken out of context. And that is because beauty supply stores sell hair and claim the hair to be “Remy Hair” when in reality the Remy Hair is really “Not Remy”. The hair is actually animal hair and mixed with other fibers.

If the hair from the beauty supply stores only last for three months or less, then it is not the real thing. Many companies perpetrate their hair to be Remy Hair and mention it as Virgin Hair.

This is why the company, Fab Indian Hair states the hair is Virgin Indian Hair, so the customers are not confused with the other products that are labeled to be Remy Hair! This gives the opportunity for the client, who is interested in knowing about the hair and understand that the hair originates from India and the hair is not processed.

Hair that is sold online or in beauty supply stores, purchase their hair supply from China! Go in google’s search tab and type in Virgin Indian Hair in jacksonville; what do you see; merchants from China selling the hair!!! And the hair is processed not virgin. The hair that comes in from China uses strong chemical agents to make the hair feel silky and shining. The shining element comes from a silicone chemical to make the hair look fresh rather then old or worn. Basically the hair was either made from synthetic fibers, animals hairs, left over hair from shedding (combing) or anything that is not from real source.

Lots of customers are lead to believe other hair names/labels are the best, like Brazilian or Malaysian hair. These hair types are considered to be Non Remy, which means processed hair. Instead of the companies explaining that Brazilian hair is a named to describe the hair type, such as the texture, the company leads you to believe the hair is from Brazil.

Open your eyes, and realize one thing! India is only country on the planet that donates their hair for free. If you have not watch “Good Hair”, by Chris Rock, please do so, so you can see how hair is abundant in India? Indian people donate their hair for religious purposes. It is said, when an Indian person donates their hair, they will receive in return good health and fortune. Plus Indian people donate their hair at least twice in a life span.

The Temple is a location, where Indian people go to donate their hair. A religious person performs the duty by shaving the hair with a straight blade. I know you are wondering, “Do the India people know that their hair is being sold?” Honestly, they do not care. They are donating their hair for religion reasons. They are not worried, if the hair is sold for a profit. Rather the hair being placed in the garbage or burned in a barrel on the streets, Temples realize the hair can be sold for money and the money will be used to make minor adjustments to their city.

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