Protecting Your Investment

Once you get our FAB Indian hair, you are going to be more than just pleased!  Since the hair is cleanse with shampoo and conditioner, all you have to do is install the hair with and style.

For future washes, use a high end or retail quality brand conditioner for this hair.  Please do not use  products that are strong, because it have lots of detergent, which can change or alter the quality of the hair. Conditioner will provide the hair shine, conditions, as well as hydrating the hair. The hair is 100% Virgin Indian Hair, which you can color, dye, straighten or curl.

The way the hair is measured is as the hair is stretched.  So keep in mind when purchasing wavy or curly hair, it can lose between 1 through 3 inches in length.  And curly hair can lose between 4 through 5 inches in length depending on the tightness of the curl pattern.

When removing your installment, carefully brush or comb out any tangles, follow by shampoo and conditioning the hair, use a leave in conditioner and allow the hair to air dry for a day.  Once the extensions are dry, place your hair in a silk material bonnet and store in a cool place.

Simple and easy.  Plus you are ready for your next installment!!