Indian Virgin Hair vs. Chinese Hair? Why we chose Indian

6A, 7A, 8A, AA, AAA, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Eurasian, choose a country and add asian to the end. These terms are all used to describe Chinese hair. There has been a lot of debate on which is the best type of hair. Each of the hair has there own pros and cons. In this article we will dive into the different options for sourcing hair and explain why we chose to focus on Virgin Indian Hair Extensions.

Just to clear the air or address the elephant in the room. There are not tons of women in Brazil, Malaysia, Peru, Asia, Cambodian, Russian that are cutting off all of their hair and donating or selling that hair. India is the only country where tons of people donate their hair to temples for religious purification. Because of the explosion of the hair extension industry over the past two decades, there is a lot of misconception and flat out lies that are told for financial gain. In an effort not to stereotype, it is pretty well known that some Chinese companies are masters of replication. These companies can create hair to emulate Indian hair. One of the items used in some Chinese hair is silicone to make the hair smooth. By coating the hair they are able to provide a beautiful initial appearance. These and/or other coatings used also make it easy to color the hair, which is part of why Chinese hair is as popular as it is.

For suppliers, the cost of Chinese hair is cheaper than Indian hair. So you can sell the Chinese hair at the same price as Indian and have much higher profit margins. Suppliers can also get the Chinese hair within 2-3 days via DHL. The real issue with the Chinese hair is once the coating is worn off by applying heat, washing the hair, or adding chemicals. Initially Chinese hair looks as good as Indian hair but it doesn’t last long. For suppliers, this is also another great business model. You can get approx. 3-5 months out of the hair and you need to go back and buy more, which is another sale of the bundles. As we live in a capitalist world, you now even have Indian companies that are selling Chinese hair and calling it Virgin Indian. To achieve the different types or styles of hair, Brazilian, Peruvian, etc. its all about the processing and coating, which is not a virgin product.

At Fab Indian Hair, we have sourced some of the most beautiful authentic virgin indian hair available in India. This is real human hair, which means just like your own natural hair, maintainance is an extremely important item to keep your hair looking beautiful. With proper maintainance our virgin indian hair extensions can last you multiple years. We’ve compiled videos and articles to help you to keep your Fab Indian Hair purchase looking beautiful. The types of products that you use, chemicals and heat all make the difference. To give you a fuller look, we provide double drawn hair. This basically means that all of the hairs are the same length from beginning to end, so that each bundle has more fullness. One of our other main beefs with Chinese hair is that it gets thin at the end and has fly aways because its single drawn. Double drawn hair is more expensive which is why most suppliers provide single drawn hair.

For those who want to do a lot of coloring to their hair. We offer virgin indian blonde hair. We recommend this for those that want to do heavy coloring because it takes the color perfectly without losing the integrity of the hair. To achieve a lot of the lighter or vibrant tones of the hair color such as bright colors, vivid colors, ash, or etc, you would most likely need to bleach the hair to achieve your desired result. With our blonde virgin indian hair, this is already done for you.

Always remember, that color is a process. If you have black hair and you want a blonde color, it’s highly unlikely it will take just one time to achieve these results. And what about the damage it can do to your hair. Well, this is the same concept with pure virgin hair. All coloring steps can take lots of time and planning. You have to continue to allow the hair to breathe and follow with a proper hair treatment in order to restore the hair in shape.

As you can clearly see, there are pros and cons to Chinese Hair and Virgin Indian Hair. For those who want the highest quality hair available in the market, REAL Virgin Indian Hair is the clear choice. FAB Indian Hair directly imports the finest virgin indian hair. As our campaign states: