Indian Hair Collections

Introducing six collections of Indian Hair. Vintage Straight, Dynamic Body Wave, Goddess Curls, True Curls, Seductive Waves, & Couture Wavy. Design your own hair in 6 easy steps! Pick your style of hair, and let’s get started!

These 6 textures can amp up hair for a chic up to the minute look. Be bold in a revamped version of classic looks of the 60s, 70s, or even the 80s, with total ambition and style.

All the hair fabrics are sensational in many ways! The hair is stylish and fashion forward.

Vintage Straight takes the client to a place of sleek straightness.
Dynamic Body Wave is a classic big wave that displays character.
Goddess Curls are full of life and tight ringlets.
True Curls are truly fabulous long curls.
Seductive Waves has a very deep texture.
Couture Wavy is very simple and very chic!

All these hair fabrics are fit for every season, from fall to winter, to spring through summer. You can enjoy and flaunt your tresses. Add a power boost to your day with this savory and satisfying hair. It combines all-natural virgin hair, a supreme double drawn style, lean triple stitch all hand crafted tat will keep the client full of confidence all day long.

Refresh and recharge your life with crisp, long lasting hair!

All of the hair collections stand by the high standards in each bundle which you will get 4 ounces, double drawn, triple stitch method, and real Virgin Indian hair product.

So get modern, get edgy. It’s all in the details of the hair!