What kind of hair is it?

Well, I’m glad you asked? The hair is unprocessed Virgin Indian Hair. Which means it is not dye, colored, or altered in anyway.  This helps to ensure the best longevity of wearing this hair product.

Why chose Fabulous Indian Hair?

FAB Hair provides our clients with high quality 100% Virgin Indian unprocessed hair. We stand by our brand.  Our company is trustworthy and honest.  We provide excellent customer service, reasonable delivery time, tutorials, and rewards program on free products!

What is the difference between FAB Indian hair & hair from a beauty supply store?

For starters, FAB Hair has the #1 hair quality. Our Indian Hair is from a real person head, which you can dye it, color it.  The hair holds curls and has a natural texture to blend with your hair and it is easy to wash.

Beauty supply stores sell Non Remy hair or not hair at all and call it human hair. Their hair is very shiny and does not hold a curl. The hair is made from  an animal or synthetic fibers then eventually processed.  Their hair lasts for a very short time (which is about a month).  Their hair mats quickly.  You cannot color or dye the hair.  And the hair does not blend naturally.

Is the Hair from India?

Yes, it is from India.

What textures do you have?

We have straight, wavy, and curly.

Can I use this hair for a sew-in?

Yes, you can use hair for a sew-in and glue if you prefer.

Can I wash the Indian hair like my own?

Yes, you can shampoo and condition hair as often as needed.

What shampoo and conditioner would you recommend?

The shampoo and conditioner is recommended for this product is retail quality products without alcohol or other harmful substances should be used to keep your hair in a healthy state.

Shampoo and condition your hair with a recommended product line. While showering gently massage conditioner into your hair.  Rinse it out with water that is not too hot, luke warm is preferred.  This  keeps your fabulous hair not to dry out.

You want to use products that are similar as your hair texture. Shampoo and condition the hair at least once a week.  The hair will become very silky, soft and stronger if continuing this regimen.  The products client’s uses are Paul Mitchell Super Skinny, Redken Smooth Line, or even Biolage.

How often I should wash the Indian Hair?

It is recommended to wash Indian Hair as needed. Normally, it is recommended to wash every 1-2 weeks.   If you went to a club and you notice cigarette odor, then of course wash the hair, immediately!

How to dry Indian Hair after washing it?

After washing Indian Hair with your quality shampoo and conditioner, gently pat dry the hair with a towel. Use low heat if you want a fast result in dry time.  While the Indian hair is damp, evenly distribute leave-in conditioner for extra moisture to improve a healthier look.

You want to do this process regimen every month or every two weeks leave-in conditioner is suitable for your extensions. Be very careful adding too much conditioner in mass areas on the hair, which results in a enormous build up.  You want to gently separate the hair into small sections and distribute the leave-in conditioner.

What are your finishing touches for Indian Hair?

Once the hair is dry, you can style hair as desired. Prevent the use products like hair spray, gel, or harsh mousse because this can lead to split ends and cause damage to its natural smoothness.  As alternative use natural and organic products, which can serve for many purposes?  One, it definitely keeps the hair in its unique state of gorgeous Indian Hair.  Two, organic products keep the frizz away for hair textures that have more curl such as wavy or curly hair textures. And third, organic products just keep hair in the best shape there is to mankind, since this hair has no chemically substances in it.

How to maintain or care for your Virgin Indian Hair?

Since it is Virgin Indian Hair is the purest, unprocessed and chemical free type of hair. The cuticles come intact and are free from tangles, which makes it easy to care for and style. It is recommended to use a brush that is designed for extensions like a loop brush, vent brush or a wide tooth comb to gently brush through your hair.  You should section your Indian Hair to eliminate any tangles.  Once that is done, you can pin curl hair with bobby pens or clips or even braided or twist the hair at night.  And use a silk scarf before going to bed.  This helps to keep the hair in place.  Also, make sure you use a wide tooth comb and paddle brush to insure the hair is smooth and silky.

Can I use flat irons, curler irons, or wands on this Indian Hair?

You can use any type of irons for this hair and the heating setting can be high as 425 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep a firm good styles use a good styling spritz or holding spray.  You want to spray this product on a single inch of hair before curling, this ensures the hair to stay in place.

Can I dye, tone, or bleach this Indian Hair?

Yes, you can dye, tone, or bleach Indian Hair. Since this is real hair, you can perform highlights, lowlights, or dying hair back to the original color.  Please remember to read each manufacturer instructions before performing this on the hair.  It is always best to go to a hair store that sells separate developer, color dyes, and toners to insure the  best results for Indian Hair.  Box dyes are not good since it has metal compounds (and other harmful components), and also strips the Indian Hair.

Can I cut the Indian Hair?

Yes, you can cut the hair to a style you desire. However, it is best to purchase our bundle deals to achieve that full layers appearance.

How long the Indian Hair last for?

Our Indian Hair can last for 9 months and more, depending on the care you put into the hair.

Can I straighten or flat iron hair out the Indian Hair, even it is curly or wavy.

Yes, you can flat iron the Indian Hair. And the cool part is that you can spray water on the hair to turn back its natural form to curly or wavy.

What can I use to smooth or straighten out the hair?

It is recommended to use a heat protectant spray and follow by a hair serum to the hair before using a flat iron.

Can I use a roller set on the Indian Hair?

Yes, you can use rollers, sponges rods, or flexi rods on the hair. Use a good foam setting lotion on wet or dry Indian Hair before using rollers.  Then set under a hooded dyer or air dry for 45-60 minutes.

How to order on your website?

First, you need to choose the style of hair that you love the most. Second, select the length from the list and fill in the quantity.  Then click the bottom “ADD TO CART”. Another page will be shown on your screen; you just need to continue to click “Go to Checkout”.  If you want to order others, click the bottom “Continue Shopping”. Third, choose the payment option and go to checkout! See it is that simple.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept US Dollars.

What are your payment options?

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & AMEX. For international order wire transfer, Western Union, or Paypal.

When can I receive my order?

In normal cases, you can receive your order in 7 business days after placing the order. If the hair you ordered is out of stock, it will take 7-14 business days.  Please read our terms and conditions policies for more information.

Can I cancel my order after placing the order?

If you contact us within 24 hours after placing the order, we can cancel your order. But 3.5% fee for the IPS will be deducted from the payment and others will return to your card in 3 business days.  If we have placed your order and you want to cancel, you have to pay the restock fee. And the exact restock payment depends on the working days.

How would I know my order is shipped out?

Once your order is sent out, a tracking number is sent via email, which you can track on line. Or you can login in your account to check your order status. Or go to UPS website to track the package.

Can I exchange & return the item if I don’t like when receive it?

For the details, please refer to the exchange & return policies for further answers.

Do you have any offline retail store?

Not yet. All the business is done on-line so far and we do not currently operate offline retail store.  However, we are looking for partners who wants to run FAB Hair stores.  So if you have resources and willing to cooperate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Where is your company located?

Our hub is located in Jacksonville, Florida, however if you are not in our area we can be reached online site based in the US and we sell Authentic Virgin Indian Hair which is unprocessed, high quality and has affordable price.

Do you have any wholesale program?

In order to qualify in our wholesale program, your order must exceed 10 bundles or more of hair. Please send your request to and we will provide you the wholesale listing via E-mail.

Do you have any discount for return customers?

Yes! Please become our subscribers first. You also email pictures of your hair style and a brief description of the style you have, and you will receive discount on your next order.   All the new campaign will first reach to you including discounts.

What hair items I need in order to take care of hair?

Detangled comb, paddle brush, wet brush, serum, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, and head scarf.

Do I have to bond the weft?

Since the wefts are triple stitched, there is no need to apply bond agents on the hair.

Is this hair is virgin?

Fab Indian Hair is 100% all natural and the hair is virgin Indian hair.

Can I color the hair?

Yes, you can dye, highlight and color the hair.

What can I use to style the hair?

Use a curl barrel to create smooth, hydrated curls and gives incredible shine. One of the most versatile tools available is the wand.  It gives the hair smooth appearance, add gorgeous body and even create flips, curls and waves.  If you are a low maintenance person flexi rods, bantu knots, braid or twist outs are a great option. Is recommended to use leave in conditioners, sprays, serums to style the hair.

Can I change the physical texture of the straight, wavy or curly hair?

Our hair can be change to one state to another, and revert back to its original texture.  For example, if your hair is curly and you want to flat iron to a straight style, when you shampoo the hair it will revert back to its original texture, which is curly

How many packs or bundles should I purchase?

14” – 18” 2 2 1.5
20” – 24” 3 3 2.75
26” – 30” 4 4 3.55

Where does the hair come from?

Our Virgin Hair comes from India, which is directly imported from the temple.

How much does the hair weight?

Our hair weights approximately 4 ounces.

Do I need to co-wash the hair before I wear the hair?

Our virgin hair is washed and ready to be installed, so there is no wash or co-wash needed.

Can I use flat irons, curlers, wands, wave iron, or etc?

Since all our hair is Virgin Indian, the hair can be straighten, curls or wave with a heat tool.