Fabulous Hair Care Guide

Once you get our Fabulous Indian hair, you are going to be more than just pleased!  Now all you have to do is co-wash the hair with only conditioner and let it air dry.

It is recommended to use high-end quality conditioner for this hair.  Please do not use shampoo or strong products, which have lots of detergent and can change or alter the quality of the hair. Conditioner will provide the hair shine, conditions, as well as hydrating the hair. The hair is 100% Virgin Indian Hair, which you can color, dye, straighten or curl.

The way the hair is measured is as the hair is stretched.  So keep in mind when purchasing wavy hair, it can lose between 1 through 3 inches in length.  And curly hair can lose between 4 through 5 inches in length depending on the tightness of the curl pattern.

Hair Care Guide

Receiving Hair

Your hair is ready to go! No need for washing or co-washing.  Just wear and go.

Hair Installation

It is best that you have your extensions installed by a licensed professional.  When installing the hair, please use the fold over method rather then cutting.  The fold over method allows the hair to stay in place when removing the installment.  Only cut the weft when necessary.

Shampoo  & Conditioning Hair

All virgin hairs should be treated like your normal hair and wash regularly to maintain its natural texture.   Always use shampoos and conditioners that contain no sulfate, no parabens, no petroleum, no mineral oil and no artificial colors. For straight hair, always use fingers, wide tooth comb or paddle brush.  Wrap hair in bonnet before going to bed.  For wavy and curly textures, always apply moisture and pre condition the hair before brushing.  Air drying hair is recommended to keep hair preserve its natural moisture.

Styling Hair

Hair can blow dry, flat iron, curled, or wand.  Use a paddle brush when brushing and start from the ends (bottom) of the hair and gently work your brush up to the roots.  Don’t yank, or pull on the hair.  Also brush the hair before washing, or when you go to bed.  At night use a scarf or a hair wrap to prevent tangling.

Coloring Hair

It’s recommended consult with a professional license stylist for coloring processing.  Always use colored treated protects to enhance your hair extensions.  And keep the hairs moisturize and condition.

When you first receive it.-Hair is ready to go!  There is no need to shampoo or co-wash the hair.  When having the hair extensions installed, it’s best to use the fold over method rather cutting the weft.

After an install – pre moisture the hair and follow with a co-wash.  Then shampoo and condition the hair.  Apply leave in condition and allow it to air dry.

Removing the install- spray hair done with water and apply leave in conditioner. Then shampoo and condition the hair.  Apply leave in condition and allow it to air dry.

How to store the hair? – Once the hair is cleanse and properly dried. Store hair in a cool area.  Its best to place hair in a silk bag if not use a zip lock.  It will be there for you when you have your next install.