Breaking News: Is Indian Hair Real Hair?

Ladies and Gentlemen gather around to receive the breaking news on Indian Hair Extensions. You want to know is it real hair or not. And the answer – Indian Hair is “Real” human hair.

Indian Hair comes from an Indian person, who donates their hair to a temple in India. For religious purpose, donating the hair is true sacrifice in their culture. To receive good luck and fortune, millions on India people donate their hair constantly.

Who is involved with the sacrifice of donating hair? Everyone! Every man, woman, & child make a huge sacrifice to wait on line at the temples to donate the hair.

Who cuts the Indian people hair? A special religious person, who specialize in the process of shaving the head with a straight blade.

Once the hair is donated at the temple it is then moved to another area to get proper inspection. Then is sold to an importer. Follow by the importer selling to others.

It is well known that Indian Hair is the Best Quality of hair on the Market. Reason being, India people have great diets, which allows the hair to grow. They use no chemicals, which hair is considered to be virgin, and you can color or texturize the hair yourself. An Indian person does not use strong shampoos or conditions on the hair. Instead, almond oil is soaked into the hair, and almond oil will remain in the hair for a couple of days, then it is rinse out.

Indian hair comes in a natural wavy form. To achieve the other textures, Indian hair is steam to create different curls or waves. The hair is still consider Virgin not Process, because there is no chemicals involved.